The World's First Life Skills Platform

We are an AI-powered deep technology platform, helping individuals curate the most important skills of their life.
We unlock the human potential by profiling individuals on a 6-point Life Powers framework adapted form the UNESCO-WHO Life Skills Model.

Our Story

We are a platform for personal expression based on the new field of life curation.

We realized that every human being wants to be valued and appreciated for the full spectrum of who they are. Not just as an “engineer with 3 years experience” or a “mother who took a 5 year break in her career”.

So we worked with designers, psychologists, technologists and humanists to create the world’s first platform for curating life – LifeVitae.

We created LifeVitae as a life-long companion for anyone who wants to express her individuality in a succinct yet meaningful way.

A platform to curate the most important aspects of her life - life skills, experiences, moments, stories and achievements that matter most - a 21st century alternative to a CV.

In the future, we believe that every significant human interaction at work – recruitment, on-boarding, team bonding, vendor/partner selection, and coaching will be accompanied by an updated LifeVitae.

What we believe

  • Social platforms must aspire to curating more than selfies and food pictures.
  • Who we are should matter more than what we know.
  • Internet of humans (IoH) is more important than the internet of things (IoT)
  • Life experiences shape us more profoundly than classrooms

How does LifeVitae benefit its users?

Unlocks human potential and shortens the path to success

For Students/ Young Professionals

Guides them in showcasing their talent, beyond just their grades in college, or the reputation of the institute they studied at. Helps them identify their human skills and leverage on them.

For Mid-Career Professionals

Supports them in being able to use their life experiences and transferable skills to pivot to their next chapter in a different career or industry.

For Returning Professionals

Empowers them to leverage their unique skills and different experiences in a flexible manner.

LifeVitae as a Service

LifeVitae provides a unique and engaging experience, through various enterprises, by matching their users to learning resources, mentors, certification course, career opportunities & much more. We accelerate the future readiness of users by facilitating targeted lifelong learning on the platform and recommending resources that improve employability.

LifeVitae in COVID Times


University Visits

Indian Institute of Management Udaipur

We had the pleasure of hosting Professor Arun Singhal and Shreshtha Somaiya from Indian Institute of Management Udaipur at our office at BLOCK71. We had two groups of students with us in Singapore for the final 2 weeks of their International Business Practice programme. The students were able to immerse themselves in BLOCK71, the start-up epicentre of Singapore, tertiary education institutes, and the local culture.

Manipal International University

LifeVitae partnered with Manipal International University and conducted our first onsite Campus Ambassador Program in Kuala Lumpur on 15 May 2019. We were heartened to see the enthusiasm and widespread acceptance for LifeVitae from students and staff alike.

SP Jain Singapore

We had a great time with the new batch of BBA students at SP Jain School of Global Management, Singapore Campus on 4 October 2019. It was an engaging session with students coming up to share their LifeVitaes and stories with the rest.

LifeVitae at Universitas Gadjah Mada

LifeVitae officially entered the Indonesian market with our Bahasa platform on 7 September 2019. Our country representative and our team of amazing volunteers did an impressive job of introducing us to the students at ECC-UGM 26th Career Days and driving registrations. After the event, we recruited 4 students from Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) in Yogyakarta – a graphic designer, an illustrator, a counsellor, and a gospel singer – as our Marketing & Outreach interns. The four of them held numerous workshops for students from UGM, from September to November 2019. Our Indonesian users have really taken to LifeVitae as a way to showcase their experiences and abilities in a more engaging and unique manner, that helps them stand out from the crowd.

BLOCK71 Visits

In October 2019, LifeVitae had a couple of opportunities through BLOCK71 to co- host students and faculty members from a few Universities. The Economics students from University Islam Indonesia were very enthusiastic to learn more about entrepreneurship and how they could go about starting their own company. We also addressed a group of faculty members from Mahidol University and look forward to our foray into the Thailand market.


From Asia to global! On 9 January 2020, LifeVitae met a very engaged and enthusiastic group of NUS MBA Exchange students from Duke University, Emory University, Hong Kong University, Kellogg University, and Shandong University at BLOCK71.


EduTech 2019

Our team had an exciting and fruitful time at EduTech Asia 2019. It was a great platform to connect with other corporates and start-ups who have synergies with us and to explore further collaborations. We had the opportunity to present our customised solutions for EduTech corporates in the learning and development space.


Our team had a fruitful experience at the India Singapore summit on 9th and 10th September 2019. InSpRENEUR 3.0 provided us with a great platform to connect with other start-ups who have synergies with us and explore further collaborations.

NUS Postgraduate Career Fair

As part of our Singapore hiring strategy, LifeVitae exhibited at the National University of Singapore Postgraduate Career Fair 2019. It was a great opportunity for us to interact with the postgraduate students, introduce LifeVitae to them, and hire interns. Both students and faculty from various disciplines were keen on LifeVitae and even created their profiles on the spot.

FinTech 2019

Our team had a wonderful time at the Innovation Lab Crawl by Singapore FinTech Festival on 14 November 2019. We were 1 of 7 start-ups invited by BLOCK71 Singapore to showcase our LifeVitae platform and our solutions.


We were glad to be a part of Singapore Management University’s EDGE 2019: Ascend the New. We had the opportunity to present our customised solutions for SMEs in the recruiting space, targeting SMEs looking to hire, and candidates looking to be hired.

Corporate Engagement

Tallant Asia

We are happy to announce our MoU with Tallant Asia! Tallant is a Business Process Outsourcing company based in Cebu, Philippines, who are also engaged in recruitment. They will be using LifeVitae as a recruitment tool and will also be leveraging our white-labeled corporate solutions.


We are happy to announce our MoU with ekkBaz! ekkBaz is a logistics start-up operating in the space of supply chain automation. In April 2019, ekkBaz signed up to leverage our SimilarityScore as a tool for building cohesive teams.

Trans Neuron

Just a week into the new year 2020 and we’re excited to announce that we’re now partnering with Trans Neuron! Trans Neuron, based in India, helps students and jobseekers equip themselves with the necessary hard skills to become industry- ready professionals. This collaboration will enable individuals to consolidate their technical skills and soft skills into a single profile. Trans Neuron will be using our platform to leverage our Similarity Score tool and matching algorithms on their white-labeled platform. Our matching algorithm has multiple purposes and can be used to match individuals to learning resources, match employees with mentors, match students to projects etc.

National Library Board, Singapore (NLB)

LifeVitae is excited to announce that we’re collaborating with NLB to bring value-added services to our Singapore-based users. We’re introducing the ability for our Singaporean users to borrow the books recommended to them by LifeVitae, directly from the NLB website.

LifeVitae in the News

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What organisations and recruiters are saying

Jim Faherty, SP Jain Singapore
Anne Morgan, Podcaster and Relationship Manager
Anthony Bowers, Tallant Asia
Desmond Tan, Chief Business Development Officer
Catherine Chia, Senior Vice President
Jeslin Bay, BlackStorm Consulting
Michelle Trimidal, Tallant Asia

Jim Faherty, SP Jain Singapore

LifeVitae is a new concept that redefines the CV, and offers a more holistic view into one’s life experience: this is perfect for students without much core work experience, but plenty of other life-shaping experiences that are worth including, but don’t really fit under the subheadings on a CV. Our students really enjoyed it, found it useful, and discovered a whole new way to view their achievements and successes!

Anne Morgan, Podcaster and Relationship Manager

More and more recruiters are looking for attitude and they will train for skill. That’s what we’re really interested in is how- what is a person like. You know, what motivates them, what’s their personality like, how are they going to fit in with the team. And I think the CV isn’t enough to measure that.

Anthony Bowers, Tallant Asia

Our hiring process time has been reduced by 25% since the implementation of LifeVitae. LifeVitae has dramatically improved the quality of candidates that come through our system and has increased the speed of the hiring process. This has happened because LifeVitae's systems allow us to more accurately match a candidate to our clients’ needs. It does this by helping to identify the soft skills and strengths from a candidate's life experiences. LifeVitae was easy to implement and has proven to be a very valuable tool for our hiring system.

Desmond Tan, Chief Business Development Officer (Bountie) & Latin Ballroom Dancer

It has soft-skills involved a bit more into the personal life of the candidate or the profile of these people. So, I felt that it was quite good because standing for the perspective of a recruiter I get to see this person than just the education and the hard skills of this person.

Catherine Chia, Senior Vice President - Human Resources (StarHub)

I did not set out to build a perfect resume, but I set out to make the best decisions at different stages of my life.

Jeslin Bay, BlackStorm Consulting

I love how LifeVitae compresses one’s life journey into a single page, letting employers or potential partners know your strengths and weaknesses. I particularly love the feature whereby the platform recommends you to suitable courses that you can take to enhance your profile and experience.

Michelle Trimidal, Tallant Asia

LifeVitae has helped tremendously with our recruitment. They were always there to guide us and suggest new trends in the recruitment processes.Their platform has been improved, which is now straightforward and very easy to use. It helped us understand the character of the candidate rather than just the skills. We believe that skills can be taught and improved, but character is intrinsic.


LifeVitae is the platform for you to curate and tell your life story. For the past century, organisations have relied on CVs for hiring employees. We believe that will change with LifeVitae.

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